AP Log

AP Log

SessionAria APConstance APAria LogsConstance Logs
Total AP42 AP48 AP-3 AP
Session 106 AP6 AP--
Session 95 AP5 AP--
Session 83 AP3 AP--
Session 76 AP6 AP--
Session 65 AP5 AP--
Session 55 AP5 AP--
Session 43 AP3 AP--
Session 34 AP4 AP-1 AP
Session 2-6 AP-1 AP
Session 15 AP5 AP-1 AP

Supernatural Skill Unlocks

Below are the supernatural skills potentially available to your characters and whether or not you’re eligible to take them. These are purchased similarly to your own Supernatural Skill and must be unlocked in game before they’re eligible to be taken. As a reminder, these can only be increased one step per game.

FenrirYesYesFirst HunterYesYes

  • Note that after unlocking a Supernatural Skill, your character may be eligible to help develop the more advanced powers of that skill.

AP Costs

TraitAP Cost / 1 Step
Attribute6 AP
Asset3 AP
Supernatural Skill2 AP
Skill1 AP
Supernatural PowerN/A

  • Supernatural Power cannot be increased in game, this will happen as the story progresses
  • Assets cost 3 AP per d2 of the Asset. So a d4 Asset is 6AP, d6 is 9AP, and so on.
  • Each trait cannot be increased by more than one step per game.
  • Complications can only be bought down with GM’s blessing, and should have appropriate roleplaying to reflect the character trying to better herself
  • Maximum Trait Rating is d12 + 1 Step per d4 Supernatural Power
    • Right now (d4 Supernatural Power) it’s d12+d2, when/if you hit d8 it’ll be d12+d4

Bonus AP

Friendly reminder, AP is awarded as assets are used in game.

Session 2

  • Aria: 0 AP
  • Constance: 3 AP
    • Image Asset – Demon (1 AP), Ghoul (1 AP), Supernatural Skill (1 AP)

Session 1

  • Aria: 0 AP
  • Constance: 5 AP
    • Stating Mason (2 AP), Image Asset – Ghost, Wraith, Supernatural Power (3 AP)
    • Side Note: The Ghost gif is exactly what I’m looking for: centered subject in the gif that doesn’t move much and a transition that loops really well.

Backstory and Picture (Closed)

  • Aria: 6 AP Total
    • Pictures (1 AP): Great collection of the 3 pictures, would’ve loved to have seen one with your own artistic touch
    • Backstory (4 AP): Very unique way of doing a backstory, I like that you detail your characters place in Heaven and then her views on the major factors in her life, very in feel for what she is and a great parallel to the game format
    • Quirks (1 AP): Like ’em but nothing in here is really dangerous for your character (which is fine, just no extra AP for playing it safe)
  • Constance: 8 AP Total
    • Pictures (2 AP): Love the black eyes for the Reaper
    • Backstory (4 AP): Upvote for the historical references
    • RP Quirks (2 AP): Amazing, from the reason she likes popcorn straight down to her relationship with Death… brilliant.

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AP Log

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