Cole Hammonds



Cole is a hunter turned werewolf by virtue of a vengeful wolf that killed him and the rest of his hunter buddies after they took down a local werewolf pack, mistakenly leaving the alpha of the pack alive and well. On his quest for vengeance, the werewolf Lucas hunted down and killed every other hunter except for Cole. While tracking him through the snowy forests of Colorado, he was intercepted by the Reaper/Angel duo who bartered with the werewolf in exchange for the Hunter’s life. The price for his life, however, was one Cole was not ready or willing to pay.

Cole is now a Werewolf, turned into the very thing he swore to hunt and kill. Looking into the mirror is a constant reminder that he’s not only a vicious and savage monster who could launch into a violent murder spree at any moment, but the new alpha that subjugates his every move is the one who slaughtered his closest friends in cold blood.


Cole Hammonds

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