Writings of a Reaper - Game #1

Game #1

Went to help Mason with a vampire nest, but ended up walking into a Djinn trap. I hallucinated Death and then somehow ended up waking up next to a blonde woman in a room. I teleported back to the barn where I had last seen Mason…he was gone, no traces left behind, which meant I had been out for a long while.

I went back to the room that I woke up in and tracked down the blonde woman, she was talking to a Warlock in the main part of a church. The Warlock, Edrick, needed our help…a Reaper’s and an Angel’s. Turns out the blonde woman, Aira, had been framed by heaven for letting Eve out. Edrick explained that word had also gotten out about Death not backing me anymore and that I was a banished Reaper…I suppose it was only a matter of time. Edrick asked for our help pulling a soul out of Purgatory and putting it in his…his sister. He told Aira and I that he could make us powerful enough to stop the Mother of Monsters, powerful enough for Aira to clear her name and powerful enough for me to save Mason…who he said is being held prisoner by Djinn to try and bate/capture me.

I’m not sure that I trust the Warlock as of yet, but if what he says about his sister is true then she was killed unjustly and I can’t in good conscious not help her. Edrick also has promised to help me save Mason, something I can’t take lightly either. I was ready to agree to his terms when Edrick told Aira and I that there was a very heavy price involved in the spells he would need…souls. Consuming souls. I may be a terrible Reaper, but even I understand how very wrong that is. I won’t shy away from taking a life, life is fleeting, but a soul…those are eternal and meant to be so. Consuming one of those is simply not done. I negotiated with Edrick to the best deal I could and after he took some time thinking about it agreed to the terms. Hopefully Aira and I will be able to help with the spells with the minimal soul consumption…are at least stick to consuming souls that are truly depraved.

At Edrick’s behest we had two souls to collect to start with, an angel and a demon. I offered Aira the choice as to which we went after first as I could tell hunting another angel didn’t sit well with her. As expected she choose to pursue the demon first, and if I’m honest, I was relieved. We teleported to a bar to find the first soul on our list and after a quick fight Edrick was able to consume her in a spell. On our way out a very powerful Demon still sat at the bar despite the gunfire and fight that had just taken place. He seemed more concerned with drinking than anything else. Edrick must have sensed something about him as he urged us to go speak with him, one look at Aira and I could tell she wanted no part with conversing with a demon so I made my way over to him. I don’t mind handling the “dirty work”, a Reaper, even if I am a banished one, has a different outlook I suppose.

The demon said his name was Cain … as in Able and Cain, the first murderer. Lance Cain to be exact, the son of Cain. He bore the First Hunter mark and seemed very uninterested in us. Edrick mentioned needing a demon soul for the binding spell that involved us…I know Aira is not fond of the idea, but better this First Hunter than a true demon. At least Cain was cursed by birth not by choice. With Edrick’s help we were able to convince Cain that with witchcraft the affect of his mark could be lessened and he agreed to join us for the time being.

Returning to the church we left Cain there while Aira, Edrick and I went in pursuit of the angel soul we needed to consume next. Thankfully upon finding the angel we learned she was dealing under the table with demons and I could tell Aira was more comfortable delivering justice as a result….perhaps I didn’t give Edrick enough credit. The angel put up a strong fight, but I have all but mastered telekinesis and was able to keep her pinned while Edrick did his spell. Aira had to heal him mid way through, but we were able to execute our plan…and the angel…without botching things. The three of us returned to the church and Edrick got things around for the binding spell. It seemed to be working, looking at his runes he’s clearly very old and very capable, but our three souls wasn’t enough and the soul power began to burn through us. Cain stepped in and was able to help channel the energy, binding him to the three of us as well.

After the ritual Edrick said that the binding would likely help Cain mitigate his curse, but that he would also look into magic that would “fool” the mark. I asked Cain to teach me fighting, he seemed rather pissed about it, but once I took several hits without complaining began to actually teach me. I suppose by his nature I had to prove I was at least somewhat capable before he would teach me?

All in all, I’m rather relieved that if this whole situation had to come to fruition, that I am bound: to an angel who truly seems to want to do right, to a Warlock that loves his family and to a demon who simply wants a second chance.

Things of note

  • received artifact items from Edrick, thanks bro
  • Cain recrafted my broken weapon into a sickle
  • Aira asked if by scythe was broken, I told her yes and revealed that Death himself had broken it and banished me
  • learned that Aira was framed



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