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I want to build a page for general discussion about the game that players can participate in, so that’s what this page is. If there’s something you want to bring up, feel free to do so on this page. Make sure to initial your posts so we know who’s talking. If you want to start a new discussion topic, make a new heading below this one but above all the other headings by typing <h2>Topic Name</h2> then typing whatever you want to say on the next line.

Supernatural Rules

Types of Bonuses (New)

Just to clarify, like bonuses don’t stack. So if you have an asset that gives you a bonus to a type of roll, then you can’t gain another bonus from another asset.

Psychokinesis and Telekinesis (New)

One last change as a “buff” to this ability. Instead of a +4 difficulty increase per target, it should be a +1 step increase. This will basically halve the penalty you would otherwise take to hitting multiple targets. Now that we have the once per round rule, I feel like this is more balanced with combat attacks.

Regeneration and Resilience (New)

So I’ve admitted previously that just rolling Vitality for these is stupid, I want to change them to Supernatural Skill / Regeneration/Resilience instead so that way actually leveling up the skill does something. This is how it should’ve been since the beginning, no idea why I didn’t make it that way.

Items of Power

I’d like to try something different with Items of Power, specifically how they’re acquired. Items of Power are an integral part of Supernatural and I don’t want them growing in power to be something as simple as spending AP off camera. At the same time, I’m sensing a reluctance to spend AP on Items (which is understandable). So here’s my proposition:

Upgrading or acquiring items of power will have two conditions. First, a number of plot points equal to the die rating must be spent to acquire the item. If you’re simply upgrading the item, you need only pay the difference. Second, a story trigger/condition must be met in order to acquire or upgrade the item as well.

For example, if you want to wholesale purchase a d6 Item of Power you must meet the story prerequisite of the item. Also, you would have to spend 12 plot points in order to fully claim the item.

Now I can’t just say that items of power are inaccessible unless plot points are spent, in which case if you do acquire an item that isn’t paid for it will have drawbacks or its abilities will be inaccessible (or a combination of both). The price of power, so to speak, while you figure out how to manage the item. You can pay plot points over multiple sessions toward acquiring an item and claim ownership of it once you’ve completely paid its value off.

Psycokinesis and other Supernatural Skill powers

Due to how insanely good this is becoming, we’re limiting Telekinetic (and other supernatural) actions to once per round. You can still take penalties to try to affect multiple targets with one action, however, as indicated by your supernatural template’s abilities.

Comments About Psycokinesis
I dumped a ton of AP into being good at it. So to say “it’s” becoming insanely good isn’t accurate. I’m insanely good at it. If I’d have dumped the same AP into guns for examples, would you be limiting that to one shot a round?

The reason for this is because it creates a “one true path” for combat. Psychokinesis is Attribute + Skill + Asset where everything else is Attribute + Skill. Which means it has the potential to become drastically better. Once more, targeting multiple targets at a step penalty is still a viable way to engage multiple opponents but the penalty levied therein brings it a bit closer to mundane combat die pools and thus, more balanced. The reason for this ruling certainly isn’t because of PC investment, it’s because of potential for abuse. For what it’s worth, every supernatural power (such as innate magic) will have a similar limitation. There’s just no point in having mundane skills if there isn’t.

Supernatural Prowess

Most creatures that possess supernatural prowess are super fast, so I’m thinking any creature that has supernatural prowess active can get their full defense against gunfire (instead of their innate defense).

Combat Rules

Just to clarify, we’re using the Supernatural version of combat rules. If you’re aware of an attack and can defend yourself, you can always apply an appropriate Defense. If you can’t defend yourself but you’re not helpless, you gain your innate defense. If you’re helpless, you’re an Easy mark (difficulty 3).

We’re action capping at 3 actions per round, your skill die suffers a 1 step penalty for each additional action. If you’re reduced to a 0 skill rating, you can’t attempt the action.

We’re using the increased difficulty version of cover, not the step penalty difficulty. If you’re aiming at an arm, you’re at a +4 Cover bonus. If you’re aiming for something small like a head, you’re at a +8. If you’re shooting at something minuscule (like an eyeball), you’re looking at a +12 difficulty increase.

Teleportation during combat is a no-no but might be available at later times. I’m doing this for a few reasons. One, none of the creatures that can teleport in the show (with the exception of Crowley) can use it to get out of combat and just get their asses handed to them. Two, it’d make for a really boring game. Three, I do what I want. (JB)

Table Talk

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