Supernatural Skills

What Are They?

Supernatural skills represent the unusual things that supernatural creatures have training in.

How Do They Work?

Supernatural skills work just like regular skills. They cover a single area of competency and can have specialties. Typically supernatural skills are added to an Attribute + Skill roll and usually Supernatural Power does not augment a Supernatural Skill.

Example of Supernatural Skill

A Demon has the Supernatural Skill Demonic Power. It covers all the key pieces of being a Demon and includes the following specialties: Contracts, Possession, Telekinesis, and Rituals. So an example of powerful demon that focuses on Possession would look like this: Demonic Power d6 / Telekinesis d8 / Rituals d8 / Possession d12.

Supernatural Templates

AngelDemonDjinnDragonReaperFenrirFirst HunterGhostGhoulKitsuneSkinwalkerShapeshifterSirenSlyphVampireWendigoWerewolfWraith

Supernatural Skills

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