Supernatural Skill – Siren Power

Roll: Vitality + Covert / Disguise + Siren Power / Shapeshifting
Sirens have adapted to pursue prey in all forms, turning themselves into their target’s deepest desires to illicit the strongest emotional response they can. This ability is particularly potent when paired with the Siren’s telepathic ability, and most of them regularly skim their target’s thoughts to determine what they desire most then change forms accordingly. Rumors persist that advanced Sirens can use this ability to grant themselves formidable physical capabilities. While their shapeshifting is perfect if they’ve had the chance to study their target, the Siren’s actions and behaviors can be contested for anyone observing them to realize something is amiss.

Siren’s Call
Roll: Willpower + Influence / Persuasion + Siren Power / Siren’s Call
The legendary sirens song, this ability allows the Siren to instill powerful suggestions in their prey. Should the Siren wish, he can convince the target to do or be anything he wishes. Targets typically resist with Willpower + Discipline / Resistance. The target must be able to hear, understand, and be in the presence of the Siren in order for this ability to work.

Roll: Intelligence + Discipline / Concentration + Siren Power / Telepathy
Sirens are expert telepaths, able to gleam thoughts from their targets at an alarming rate. While most Sirens typically use this ability to read their targets deepest desires to manipulate them accordingly, a Siren can also use this ability to dig deep into the target’s subconscious and uncover long repressed memories and secrets from the darkest corners of their mind. Targets typically resist with Willpower or Intelligence + Discipline / Resistance.

Roll: Vitality + Siren Power / Venom + Supernatural Power
Sirens have potent venom which they can administer with their lips to a target. While less powerful Sirens need a direct fluid transfer (typically through a kiss), more powerful Sirens can administer their poison by pressing their lips to the target’s skin or even venoming a beverage that the target drinks later. The Siren’s activation roll is contested by the victim’s Resistance. The poison typically lasts for a number of scenes equal to the Siren’s Supernatural Skill rating and makes the target completely and unconditionally obsessed with the Siren.

Supernatural Traits

  • As potent shapeshifters, Sirens have complete control over their physical form and do not age as a result

Supernatural Weakness: Bronze Dagger Coated In Victim’s Blood
A rarely know, specific weapon that is potent against Sirens. Any time a wielder of this weapon garners an exceptional success on a Siren, it’s instantly slain.

Feeding Requirement: Emotional Energy
Sirens need the emotional energy of creatures to survive, restoring their own bodies with the psychic potential of other creatures in the world. Most Sirens feed via administering their poison to elicit as powerful an emotional reaction from the target as possible, but Sirens are capable of feeding from the raw emotions of targets around them as well. Each scene spent harvesting the emotions of a poisoned victim sustains the Siren for their Supernatural Power in days. Each scene harvesting ambient emotion feeds them for their Supernatural Power in hours.


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