Supernatural Skill: Shapeshifter Power

Roll: Vitality
Due to their complete control over their physical form, Shapeshifters can heal grevious wounds and are capable of even growing back lost appendages. Every round the Shapeshifter rolls their natural Vitality. The Shapeshifter then splits the result between their Stun and Wound (much like how basic damage is assigned) and regenerates that much health.

Roll: Vitality + Covert / Disguise + Shapeshifter Power / Shapeshifting
The unique power of the entire race, Shapeshifters have the ability to perfectly mimic any creature they come into contact with. They need only touch the creature to acquire a sample of its genetic structure and can perfectly mimic it, including any mundane trait alterations (such as hair color or clothing, even damage) they desire. Rumors even circulate of extremely powerful Shapeshifters capable of assuming the form of other supernatural creatures.

Superhuman Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Shapeshifter Power / Superhuman Prowess
Shapeshifters are incredibly strong, fast and tough. A Shapeshifter can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Shapeshifter Power / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants the Shapeshifter a + 1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+ 1 step easy, + 2 step average, + 3 step hard, etc).

Roll: Alertness + Perception / Empathy + Shapeshifter Power / Telepathy
Shapeshifters have the unique ability to form a telepathic link with any form they assume. Once the form is assumed, the Shapeshifter can freely sift through and read the mind of the original creature from any distance. This ability is contested by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance.

Shapeshifter Traits

  • Shapeshifters are immortal due to their ability to alter their physcial makeup and completely immune to disease for the same reason
  • Shapeshifters cause retinal flares when recorded

Weakness: Silver
Silver prevents the Shapeshifter from regenerating for a single turn. Additionally, an exceptional attack via a silver weapon instantly slays the shapeshifter.


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