Supernatural Skill – Kitsune Power

Advanced Intelligence
Roll: None
Kitsune add their Kitsune Power / Advanced Intelligence to any mundane (non-supernatural) Intelligence-based Attribute roll they make.

Roll: Intelligence + Lore / Rituals + Kitsune Power / Rituals
Some Kitsune eventually dabble in minor magical rituals, capable of emulating witchcraft-level magic with their mastery. The Kitsune must still research and obtain the appropriate materials for the Ritual, but can eventually develop formidable magical ability with enough practice. The Kitsune do not benefit from their Advanced Intelligence power on Ritual activation rolls.

Roll: Vitality + Kitsune Power / Resilience
Kitsune are incredibly resilient supernatural creatures, capable of shrugging off even the most powerful attacks. The Kitsune can activate this power reflexively after suffering damage from an attack and reduces the damage taken by the activation roll amount.

Roll: Vitality + Covert / Disguise + Kitsune Power / Shapeshifting
Kitsune can assume human forms and often pick a distinct form to maintain while they live among humans. In their natural state, Kitsune are fox-like hybrids of beast and human. Unless the Kitsune is impersonating a specific human and act out of character, they are indistinguishable from any other human while transformed.

Supernatural Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Kitsune Power / Superhuman Prowess
Despite their mostly harmless nature, Kitsune are extremely capable physical combatants. By taking an action to tap into their supernatural strength, Kitsune add a single step increase to their physical attributes for each difficulty tier achieved on their roll (+1 is Easy, +2 is Average, and so on).

Kitsune Traits

  • All Kitsune have claws that deal damage equal to their Supernatural Power
    • These claws can be sheathed (hidden) or extended (revealed) reflexively each turn

Supernatural Weakness – Heart Destruction
An exceptional success called shot to the Heart instantly slays them.

Supernatural Weakness – Dietary Requirement: Pituitary Gland
A Kitsune that consumes a pituitary gland of a human gains full access to their supernatural skill for a month. While they can subsist off of human food alone, they lose access to their supernatural powers if they do not meet this feeding requirement regularly.


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