Supernatural Skill – Ghoul Power

Roll: Vitality + Ghoul Power / Resilience
Ghouls dead flesh and innate shapeshifting power make them formidable targets, able to take massive amounts of punishment before they’re finally put down. Ghouls can activate this ability reflexively after taking damage and reduce the damage taken by the result.

Superhuman Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Ghoul Power / Superhuman Prowess
Ghouls are incredibly formidable combatants, capable of hurling aside creatures with ease and movement so fast they’re hard to follow. A Ghoul can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Ghoul Power / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants the Ghoul a +1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+1 step easy, +2 step average, +3 step hard, etc).

Roll: Vitality + Covert / Disguise + Ghoul Power / Shapeshifting
Ghouls not only feed on the flesh of humans, they can also transform into their victims. Even one bite of a victim’s flesh is enough genetic material for the Ghoul to perfectly transform into the victim, revealing themselves only if actions out of character are noticed by those who knew the original subject well. Ghouls that consume the brains of their victims also gain access to their memories when they transform which makes it a common practice among ghouls (and gave rise to the popular “zombie” mythos).

Ghoul Traits

  • Ghouls must feed off human flesh, but require roughly the same sustenance as a human otherwise would.
  • Ghouls are immortal as most are the product of dead human hosts whose bodies reanimated as Ghouls


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