Supernatural Skill: Ghost Power

While most Ghosts are not completely in control and their powers not quite as potent as other sentient supernatural creatures, they still pose an intimidating threat to most hunters. Most ghosts are minor supernatural creatures (d2 Supernatural Power) but rare, more powerful ghosts have been known to surface, especially when it comes to special types of ghosts (such as a Woman in White).

Roll: Alertness + Tech / Electronics + Ghost Power / Electromagnetics
Ghosts are known to interfere with electronics in the surrounding area, including devices and lights. A ghost can make a roll to disrupt a single device in her line of sight. A single device (such as a phone or radio) is Average, a room is Hard, and an entire house is Formidable.

Roll: Agility + Covert / Stealth + Ghost Power / Invisibility
Ghosts are often known for staying invisible until they find the right time to strike. Only creatures with supernatural senses or the ability to sense supernatural effects can successfully contest the ghosts invisibility. Ghosts become visible before taking any physical actions, at which time they contest their target’s perception with their mundane pool sans the benefits of invisibility. While invisible, ghosts are incorporeal and (usually) cannot attack.

Supernatural Prowess
Roll: Strength + Influence / Intimidation + Ghost Power / Supernatural Prowess
It’s well known that the angriest humans make for the most powerful ghosts. Each tier of difficulty the ghost accumulates on their Supernatural Prowess roll grants them a +1 step bonus to all physical actions.

Roll: Intelligence + Discipline / Concentration + Ghost Power / Telekinesis
Most ghosts boast a natural mastery of telekinetic power. Telekinetic attacks are defended by the target’s Defense or other supernatural powers as determined by the Storyteller. Ghosts can typically only affect one target per d2 of their Supernatural Power (2 targets at d4, 3 targets at d6, etc). Using Telekinesis is an action. When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage. Affecting multiple targets levies a -1 step penalty per additional target.

Roll: Alertness + Perception / Intuition + Ghost Power / Teleportation
While ghosts are most commonly bound to a single area, their ability to traverse that area is second to none. Ghosts can vanish and reappear even in combat within their area of influence. Teleportation in the same room is Easy, in same house is Average, and an office building is Hard. Very few ghosts can traverse farther than this due to how they’re bound. Ghosts can always teleport back to their anchor with an Easy difficulty.

Roll: Willpower + Survival + Ghost Power / Thermokinesis
Ghosts are often known to lower the temperature in a room before striking their pray, making them easier targets. Targets often resist with an Endurance roll. Overcoming the creature’s Endurance levies a 1 Step penalty per d2 of the Ghost’s Supernatural Power (so -1 Step at d2, -2 Steps at d4, etc). If the Ghost exceptionally succeeds, the target is chilled to the bone and suffers an additional 1 Step penalty. Note this Attribute penalty applies directly to the target’s physical Attributes, and a target that has its Attribute reduced to 0 is incapable of taking actions with that Attribute.

Ghost Traits

Supernatural Weakness: Salt and Iron
Ghosts cannot cross unbroken salt lines. Successful attacks dealt with salt (like rock-salt shots form a shotgun) or iron (such as a fireplace poker) force the ghost into an invisible/incorporeal state during which time they cannot attack or be attacked. It takes them 1 turn per tier of the attack to reform.

Supernatural Weakness: Anchor
Ghosts have an anchor which keeps them tied to the world of the living, most commonly the bones of their body. Salting and burning this anchor destroys the ghost.

Supernatural Weakness: Insanity
Even if ghosts choose to stay behind for the noblest of intent, it’s only a matter of time before they go insane. Ghosts can attempt a brief moment of clarity with a Intelligence + Willpower with each tier of success giving them a single turn of clarity. Subject to Storyteller discretion, other sentient creatures can substitute a roll of some kind for the ghosts check (such as a heartfelt Willpower + Persuasion from a former loved one).


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