Supernatural Skill: Djinn Power

Djinn Poison
Roll: Vitality + Djinn Power / Djinn Poison + Supernatural Power
One of the most feared and potent abilities of the Djinn is the ability to inflict its poison with a touch. The target makes an opposed Resistance roll. Failure means the target succumbs to the poison and enters a hallucinogenic state where they experience intense emotional dreams. Should the target fail and fall into a dream state, they can attempt a Willpower + Discipline / Resistance roll to attempt to wake from the state, opposed by the Djinn’s activation roll. Each dose of Djinn poison lasts for a number of scenes equal to the Djinn’s Supernatural Poison specialty rating + Supernatural Power rating. The poison is typically fatal to those that fail their resistance roll. Roll the Djinn’s Supernatural Power each scene and apply that as Wound damage to the target. If the Djinn wishes, it can use a more mild form of its poison. The more mild version typically does not damage the target and/or allows them to stay conscious while hallucinating.

Roll: Intelligence + Covert / Disguise + Djinn Power / Projection
Djinn are terrifying creatures in their natural forms which lead them to develop the ability to change their appearance to blend in with humans. Djinn have advanced their psychic projection abilities even to the point of being able to enter the dreams of humans and other creatures. Creatures with supernatural senses can attempt to see through their mental disguise with a contested roll.

Roll: Willpower + Discipline / Concentration + Djinn Power / Pyrokinesis
Djinn have the ability to summon up blue flames at will. While they rarely use this ability since every body burned is a potential meal lost, they can bring their pyrokinetic abilities to bear in combat and prove to be formidable foes. The Djinn’s activation roll is resisted by the target’s defense, dealing the Djinn’s Supernatural Power in “weapon” damage on a successful attack. An exceptional success causes the target to burst into flames. Djinn can also target larger areas with their flames (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc).

Superhuman Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Djinn Power / Superhuman Prowess
Even though they prefer subtle methods of hunting their prey, Djinn are still incredibly capable combatants. A Djinn can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Djinn Power / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants the Djinn a + 1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+ 1 step easy, + 2 step average, + 3 step hard, etc).

Supernatural Senses
Roll: Alertness + Perception / Relevant Specialty + Djinn Power / Supernatural Sense
Djinn have advanced senses and a particularly honed sense of smell, so acute they can even tell the emotional state of their prey and locate invisible targets. Djinn can contest things like supernatural invisibility and their senses are on par with some of the most advanced creatures on the planet.

Roll: Alertness + Perception / Empathy + Djinn Power / Telepathy
Developed by the Djinn to sense when their target is at an emotional peak, Djinn can naturally feel the emotional state and even gleam the surface thoughts of another target. This is typically contested by the target’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance if the target chooses to resist.

Djinn Traits

  • All Djinn are immortal and immune to disease

Weakness: Silver Knife in Lamb’s Blood
A rarely know, specific weapon that is potent against Djinn. Any time a wielder of this weapon garners an exceptional success on a Djinn, it’s instantly slain.

Feeding Requirement: Emotional Energy
Djinn need the emotional energy of creatures to survive, restoring their own bodies with the psychic potential of other creatures in the world. Most Djinn feed almost exclusively on fear since it is the most powerful emotion a sentient creature can feel and fulfills them the most. Djinn feed by touching an adjacent target experiencing a powerful emotion and suck the life force out of it. Each round the Djinn rolls its Supernatural Power and applies the result in Wound Damage to the creature. Each Wound point dealt in this way sustains the Djinn for a day. Should the Djinn attempt to feed from a target not feeling an extreme emotion, the potency of the feeding is reduced at the GM’s discretion.


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