Supernatural Skill – Demon

Roll: Willpower + Influence / Persuasion + Demon / Possession
Demons are capable of possessing Humans to take their bodies over as vessels. Unlike Angels, Demons don’t need permission although some more powerful Demons do require specific vessels (possessing a less than ideal vessel typically imposes a penalty on their Supernatural Power). Possessing a human is resisted by the Human’s Willpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance.

Roll: Vitality
Demons have regenerative abilities, capable of keeping their vessel alive when the meat suit would normally be destroyed. Every round the Demon rolls their natural Vitality. The Demon then splits the result between their Stun and Wound (much like how basic damage is assigned) and regenerates that much health. A Possessed human cannot fall unconscious from Stun damage and ignores all Shock damage. A host only becomes unusable once it has taken twice it’s Life Points in Wound damage.

Roll: Intelligence + Lore / Demonology + Demon / Rituals
Most demons have a basic understanding of demonic rituals, which include things like using the blood of humans to communicate with their superiors in Hell. This roll is rarely contested unless it specifically targets a sentient creature, in which case it’s usually resisted with Willpower + Discipline / Resistance.

Superhuman Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Demon / Superhuman Prowess
All Demons are incredibly formidable combatants, matching Werewolves and other Supernatural heavy hitters blow for blow in combat. A Demon can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Demon Power / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants the Demon a + 1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+ 1 step easy, + 2 step average, + 3 step hard, etc).

Supernatural Senses
Roll: Alertness + Perception / Relevant Specialty + Supernatural Sense
Demons have advanced senses which are generally specific to their purview. Universally, all Demons can contest things like supernatural invisibility and their five senses are on par with the most advanced animals on the planet.

Roll: Willpower + Discipline / Concentration + Demon / Telekinesis
Demons can wield impressive psychokinetic abilities. Telekinetic attacks are defended by the target’s Defense or other supernatural powers as determined by the Storyteller. Demons can typically only affect one target at a time. Using Telekinesis is an action, and is opposed by the appropriate Attribute + Skill combination determined by the Storyteller. When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage. Demons can affect mulitple targets (-1 Step penalty per additional target) or affect larger areas at an increased difficulty (+4 for an entire room, +8 for a space the size of a house, etc).

Demonic Traits

  • Demons are immortal and immune to diseases
  • In their mist form, Demons can fly at their base speed rate and are immune to most forms of damage


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