Supernatural Skill: Angelic Power

An Angels’ healing capabilities vary, but but the base healing power works as follows; alleviating mild headaches or discomfort (easy), healing all stun damage a target possesses (average), recovering all wound damage the target has taken (hard), recovering a severe long term debilitation like a broken leg (formidable), and even curing terminal illnesses (heroic).

Localization [d4]
Roll: Alertness + Perception / Deduction + Angelic Power / Localization
Often when visiting from the Heavens, Angels do so for a specific purpose. Angels can use this power to locate any human on Earth that isn’t warded. Wards require that the Angel contest a difficulty determined by how advanced the Ward is, otherwise the Angel usually has a relatively easy time of locating an individual. This ability can be actively contested by Humans that have somehow acquired a Supernatural Power rating or an artifact that protects them from supernatural powers, typically with an Agility + Covert / Stealth roll.

Roll: None
Angels can only possess willing hosts, and must possess a human in order to act on Earth. After possessing a host, the host can attempt to eject the angel by retracting their consent to be possessed. In this case, the angel rolls Willpower + Influence / Persuasion against the host’s Willpower + Discipline / Resistance.

Protection [d4]
Roll: Willpower + Discipline / Concentration + Angelic Power / Protection
On rare occasions when Angels need to protect others in fulfillment of their duties, they use this power to keep those around them safe. Typically (though not necessarily) aimed at humans, the Angel makes the activation roll. Each degree of success grants the target an effective one step bonus to their Supernatural Power for resisting other supernatural powers, to a maximum of their own Supernatural Power rating. For example, a d6 angel that activates this ability on a Human and rolls a Average activation success would allow the Human to treat their Supernatural Power rating as a d4 for purposes of resisting supernatural effects. Even if the Angel rolled an Incredible activation roll, the Human is still limited to an effective rating of d6. Each step bonus given above the Angels’ Supernatural Power levies a -1 penalty on the Angel’s activation roll. For example, a d6 Angel holding an effective d6 on one human and a d4 on another would be at a 2 Step penalty to use the ability on a third target. The Angel can freely and instantly specify when this power begins, ends, and what specifically it protects the benefactor from.

Reality Warping [d4]
Roll: Intelligence + Crafts / Relevant Specialty + Angelic Power / Reality Warping
Even lesser Angels develop reality warping capabilities and have the power to alter the world as they continue their vigil. An Angel can use this power on stationary, unattended objects since living creatures are protected by God’s Free Will declaration from angelic interference. The impact of the change determines the difficulty as set by the GM but here are a few examples: change the color of a pen (Easy), remove the door from a room (Average), repair a car engine (Hard), and so on.

Roll: Vitality
Angels have regenerative abilities, capable of keeping their vessel alive when the host would normally be destroyed. Every round the Angel rolls their natural Vitality. The Angel then splits the result between their Stun and Wound (much like how basic damage is assigned) and regenerates that much health. A Possessed human cannot fall unconscious from Stun damage and ignores all Shock damage. A host only becomes unusable once it has taken twice it’s Life Points in Wound damage.

Roll: Agility / Strength + Unarmed Combat / Relevant Specialty + Angelic Power / Smiting
One of the most feared powers that Angels possess, this ability is particularly potent against Demons because it treats Demons with a Supernatural Power rating less than the Angels as mortals for purposes of Supernatural Skill and Supernatural Power effects. This skill is rolled for the angel to touch and smite the target, although supernatural creatures (with the aforementioned exception) always resist this ability with their Supernatural Power. Exceptional use of Smiting instantly slays the target touched, otherwise the Angel uses his Supernatural Power as a damage die for a successful attack. An angel that uses Smiting cannot take any other actions for its turn other than for defense. Angels cannot smite other Angels, no matter the disparity between their Supernatural Power. Angels can use a non-lethal version of this ability to render their targets unconscious following the same rules.

Superhuman Prowess
Roll: Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Angelic Power / Superhuman Prowess
All Angels are incredibly formidable combatants, matching Werewolves and other Supernatural heavy hitters blow for blow in combat. An Angel can take an action to roll his Vitality or Willpower (whichever is higher) + Angelic Power / Superhuman Prowess. Every difficulty tier grants the Angel a + 1 step bonus on all physical attributes for the duration of the scene (+ 1 step easy, + 2 step average, + 3 step hard, etc).

Supernatural Senses
Roll: Alertness + Perception / Relevant Specialty + Angelic Power / Supernatural Sense
Angels have advanced senses which are generally specific to their purview. Universally, all Angels can contest things like supernatural invisibility and their five senses are on par with the most advanced animals on the planet.

Roll: Willpower + Discipline / Concentration + Angelic Power / Telekinesis
By sheer force of will, angels can fling up targets around with little more than their thoughts. Telekinetic attacks are defended by the target’s Defense or other supernatural powers as determined by the Storyteller. Angels can attempt to affect multiple targets (-1 step penalty per additional target) or affect an entire area (+4 for a room, +8 for a house, etc). When causing damage, use their Supernatural Power for the base “weapon” damage.

Roll: Alertness + Perception / Empathy + Angelic Power / Telepathy
Even the weakest angels boast powerful telepathic abilities. Angels can use their telepathic powers to read the broadcasted thoughts of other angels (commonly called “Angel Radio”), or project thoughts into human dreams. More powerful angels sometimes develop even more potent telepathic abilities.

Angelic Traits

  • Angels are immortal and immune to diseases
  • In their mist form, Angels can fly at their base speed rate and are immune to most forms of damage


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