Aira Stats



Str d6, Agi d12, Vit d10
Ale d12, Int d8, Wil d12

Init: d12+d12
LP: 24
End: d10+d12
Res: d10+d10


  • Animals d4
  • Athletics d6
    • Dodge d12
  • Covert d4
  • Craft d6
  • Discipline d6
    • Concentration d12
  • Influence d6
    • Persuasion d8
  • Knowledge d6
  • Lore d6
    • Symbols d10
  • Medicine d6
    • Internal Medicine d8
  • Melee Weapons d6
    • Angel Blade d12
  • Perception d6
    • Empathy d10
    • Hearing d8
  • Unarmed Combat d6
    • Jujutsu d12


Supernatural Power d4

  • Angelic Skill d6
    • Superhuman Prowess d10
    • Regeneration d8
  • Fenrir Skill d6


  • Angelic Wings d4
  • Item of Power: Fallen Angel Blade d8
  • Allure d4
    • Your Trait die is added to any Influence actions involving someone who might find you appealing. Only works in person though; phone calls don’t count unless the Game Master says so.
  • Brawler d6
    • Your unarmed damage is treated as Basic damage, rather than Stun damage, and your Trait die is added as additional damage to any unarmed attack. You can also make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage.
  • Contacts d2
    • Angels from the same Order and a few Hunters
  • Good-Natured d4
    • You’re cheerful and easy-going, and it tends to put folks at ease. Whenever dealing with people in a casual manner—outside of any intimidating or threatening situation—your sparkling personality helps win them over. Your Trait die is added to any rolls that you make where your good nature might help smooth things over. Good-Natured don’t help you when a situation is stressful and everyone’s already on edge, or if somebody already distrusts you—nobody’s gonna let their guard down in that case.
  • Split-Second Timing d2
    • You’re scary fast. Your Trait die is added to all initiative rolls and any action that depends on reacting quickly to danger, like getting out of the way of a grenade. This Trait applies to other rolls at the Game Master’s discretion, but only if the roll’s a measure of speed, not just one that benefits from speed.
  • Tough d4
    • Add half of the maximum value of your Trait die to your Life Points. So, Tough d4 gives your hunter two additional Life Points, while Tough d8 gets you four additional Life Points. In addition, your Trait die is added to any rolls to remain conscious, keep from dying, or shrug off the harmful effects of being wounded or stunned. It don’t help you against being poisoned or drugged—that’s what Hardy Constitution is for.
  • Unbreakable Will d6
    • Your Trait die is added to rolls to resist unnatural compulsions—torture, supernatural fear, mind control, demonic possession, and so forth. The Game Master may also roll secretly to see if your unshakeable brain can see through illusions.
      d6: If you got this Trait at the d6 level, you can spend a Plot Point to shake off any compulsion, no matter how powerful, for at least a short time. Roll your Trait die, and return to your senses for that number of turns.


  • Duty: Fulfill work for the Order of Ministering Angels d4
    • There’s something you gotta do, whether you like it or not. If you don’t, the consequences could be pretty bad … then again, sticking to it might be dangerous, too. It can stand in for all kinds of things—job requirements, a code of honor, a family or clan responsibility, some kind of supernatural charm you can’t lift.
      d4: At this level, your Duty’s relatively safe most of the time (“always help old ladies cross the street,” “never miss a day at work”) or it’s self-imposed with no down side for breaking it. This includes things like committing to a really strict diet.
  • Honest to a Fault d4
    • You can’t lie to save your life. Maybe it’s how you were raised, perhaps you’re just too simple to come up with something clever. Regardless, you don’t have a poker face and have hard time lying even when you wanna tell a good whopper. When there’s a call for using the dice, your Trait die is added to the Difficulty of any action attempting to conceal the truth or pull one over on somebody.
  • Idealist d4
    • People are basically good and honest, everything happens for a reason, and it’ll all work out in the end— right? Truth is, you got an unrealistically optimistic outlook. In some scenes, your Trait die is added to the Difficulty when your optimism clouds your judgment or intuition.
  • Memorable d4
    • Your Trait die is added to the Difficulty of any action to avoid being identified; other folks get to roll your Trait die and add the result to any attempt to notice or remember you. Alternately, the Game Master may just decide that you’ve been made without a roll—you should at least get some Plot Points in that case.
  • Prejudice: Demons d4
    • You frickin’ hate those slimy bastards. It’s a certain group of people, whether based on ideological, religious, political, or ethnic differences. You may not have any rational explanation for it, but it affects how you get along with that group or with people who are allied with or influenced by that group. Your Trait die is added to the Difficulty of social actions where appropriate.
      Careful this doesn’t overlap with Duty. Angel’s Duty is to oppose the Demon Hordes of Lucifer. If you have Prejudice against them, this means your character has done things like actively ignored the laws of Heaven to personally and excessively harm a Demon. I’d love to see examples of this in your backstory too!

Aira Stats

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