Aira Lore


  • Member of Lang, an Order of Ministering Angels which is governed by the Archangel Zadkiel.
  • Within the Order she is an immediate subordinate of Izaz and frequently works together with Leoc. While Aira is responsible for humanity’s physical health and well-being, Leoc cares for their mental and emotional health.
  • Aira tries not to dwell on thoughts of those she’s not assigned to heal, it’s difficult but the mortal children aren’t meant to live forever. At that point they are someone else’s responsibility.
  • Was noticed once by a Hunter whose prayers she answered to heal their younger sibling. The hunter wasn’t really expecting the prayer to work as it had never been answered before and thought she was some other supernatural thing messing with their sibling. As she left Aira noticed the relieved tears fall from this strong child and was intrigued by the distinct contrast. Has payed more attention to the goings on of this family unit then she should be.
  • As a result, on a couple of occasions, she has taken the initiative to interfere in very small ways to assist the hunter. She knows she shouldn’t but she can’t help feeling invested in the well-being of this human.
  • Within the last few decades Zadkiel disappeared. It’s true that he is not in the habit of reporting his daily activities and whereabouts to his subordinates, but it is unlike him to be gone for so long. Even though they’ve not always known where he gets off to, the angels of Lang have always been confident in receiving a swift response from their Head when called to. Consequently, Aira is not the only one in the order who is worried.
  • A rumor of a Nephilim with a possible connection to Zadkiel has somehow reached her ears before anyone elses. Wanting to give her elder brother the benefit of the doubt, and worried that other of her brethren might jump to conclusions and be too circumspect in their treatment of the situation, Aira is making the trip to Earth to investigate before passing the information on to anyone else.

Relationship with the World
  • Herself: Not of any consequence or importance so she can be easily overlooked in Heaven, at least for a short time.
  • Izaz: Aira is often exasperated by her immediate supervisor as she is too rigid and legalistic in her way of thinking. She (Izaz) can be interpreted as being rather cold and heartless for that reason, but in reality she is the type to quietly help a person without a word, without being asked and without even acknowledging that person’s presence. A generally selfless duty-bound sort.
  • Leoc: With her counterpart Aira feels the most peaceful. They balance each other well.
  • Zadkiel: Admiration and respect.
  • Heaven/other Angels: She is disappointed in most of her siblings, especially the older ones, they should know better than to be acting like bratty unsupervised children. Aira has never been interested in playing politics and doesn’t want to start now.
  • Reapers: Are a different kind of counter balance to what she does than Leoc is. All life must end some day, but what the Reapers have to do is still difficult so she respects them as equals. Coworkers in a different department.
  • Demons: Are a corruption of what should have been, like a disease. Disgraceful and not trustworthy.
  • Monsters: She’s curious about them, but they are pests and she would like them to stop interfering with the unsuspecting kids (see below).
    *Humans: Unsuspecting kids, who can also be quite interesting and unpredictable. They’re cute. Could everyone please leave them to their own devices as much as possible? Aira would like to see how they grow and develop on their own. They are young and uninformed but their emotions are suprisingly rich.
  • Hunters: Precocious kids. Worrying because their lives are going to be sad and short, but she’s weirdly proud of them and would want to help them.
  • God: Worried about His long silence.

  • In spite of not needing to eat or drink enjoys junk food. Including but not limited to: fried foods (donuts, french fries, etc.), ice cream, energy drinks, and coffee.
  • Really likes all of God’s creatures. Animals, humans, et al. The less powerful the better though, she’s inclined against her better judgment to coddle them. (She likes cute things)
  • Regarding modern advances and technology: she’s not on earth enough to be very tech savvy (she’s clumsy with it), but she has almost a sick fascination with TV (though as a general rule she doesn’t like things that encourage a sedentary lifestyle
  • Physically fit, enjoys sports and staying active.
  • Her attitude is usually pretty chill, but has sudden surprising spurts of high energy. She can be restless and fidgets a lot. (Like a swan: calm and cool above the water, but furiously paddling under it. She presents a cool calm exterior, but her hand is in her pocket destroying it one thread at a time.) Needs a stress cube for the sake of others.
  • More concerned with the spirit of the law rather than the letter of it. More carefree than she should be as an Angel.
  • Would rather trust people and risk suffering the consequences should her trust be misplaced then live her life filled with suspicion.

Aira Lore

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