ZZ-Item of Power Template


What’s This

A template / primer on how to build your own Items of Power, mostly in an effort to make them consistent across the board.

Constructing Items of Power

Items of Power have two different benefits: their die bonus and their supernatural traits. Supernatural traits are just extra stuff that the item does which varies based on the item. Typically more powerful items will have more powerful abilities but incredibly powerful abilities should have high die ratings. So items will should naturally have different “tiers” of power: a d6 item probably has two minor benefits, two impressive benefits, and two pretty impressive benefits. Subject to Storyteller discretion, incredibly powerful abilities may either be not allowed or take up multiple traits.

For base traits, weapon deals damage equal to one step above their Rating. Armor confers 1 Armor plus 1 additional armor for every die step of the item. Items grant their rating as a bonus to a particular skill specialty. All Items of Power have some inherit traits, such as they’re incredibly durable and cannot be destroyed except by powerful supernatural abilities.

Supernatural Trait Examples


ZZ-Item of Power Template

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