Viking Lord’s Knife


Asset – Item of Power – d6
Knife of a great Viking King.


This knife once belonged to a Viking king. He was powerful and well loved by his people. He was grievously wounded during a battle and when Farrah came to reap his soul he mistook her for a Valkyrie and bestowed his knife on her. The Viking was striking in his beauty and prowess and Farrah was actually quite taken with him, although she reaped his soul she forever has regretted it.


  • d8W Damage
  • The knife never dulls and cannot be broken except by extreme measures taken by a vastly more powerful creature

Special Abilities

Never Empty Handed
Like the Viking King who once owned this blade, no great warrior should ever find themselves without their weapon. The Viking Knife will instantly return to the owner’s hand after a thrown attack or if the blade it taken. While the knife may not be a piece of Farrah’s soul, it is supernaturally attached to her.

Mark Thy Enemy
A great King always keeps track of his enemies. If the Viking Knife strike a target and damages that target, the owner of the blade has a step bonus to tracking the subject equal to the rating of the knife.

Slayers Knife
Empowered by the soul magic of the Reaper, an exceptional success on this knife in combat on any creature with a Supernatural Power equal to or less than the wielder instantly slays the creature.

Talisman Crafter
Like the Vikings of old, most knife weapons were useful tools in addition to being weapons of war. This knife can be used to craft temporary talismans of up to d2 Power that bestow a minor benefit on the wearer.

Blood Sacrifice
A ritual performed no sooner than the eve before battle, the owner of the knife slits the palm of their wrist and performs an ancient rite in their own blood. For any scene on the following day for each tier of success, the wielder can choose one of the following benefits: a +1 Step bonus on a single physical Attribute, Heal 1 Stun per round, reroll a single skill die once per turn, or increase the weapon damage die by one step. For exceptional ceremonies benefits can be selected multiple times, to a maximum of half the weapons Asset Rating each.

Oath of Blood
By swearing an oath between two warriors, both participants slit the palms of their wrists and shake hands over a mutually agreed pact. Both are then forever bound to their oath, in this life and the next. Should either party go back on their word (subject to ST discretion), the oathbreaker suffers a number of dramatic failures equal to the Asset Rating of the knife (also determined by the ST). Once the subject has suffered through all dramatic failures, if still alive, the blood oath is paid and the curse is lifted.


Viking Lord’s Knife

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