The Broken Crane


Asset – Item of Power – d10
Head of a broken scythe.


This is the broken headpiece to Constance’s scythe. While the headpiece maintained some of its previous power, it was damaged when Death broke it asunder. The broken piece now serves to also brand her as a traitor and “banished” among her fellow Reapers; Constance, however, views the broken headpiece as a symbol of her resistance to bending to someone else’s will.


  • d12W Damage
  • An exceptional success on a creature with a Supernatural Power rating equal to or less than your own instantly slays the creature
  • The scythe headpiece never dulls and cannot be broken except by extreme measures taken by a vastly more powerful creature
  • As an innate part of the Reaper, the Scythe can never be disarmed or taken from her and is always present at her beckon call
  • add item of power rating to attacks with the scythe

Scythe Benefits

Combat Stuff

  • Power Cleaver: The wielder of the blade can target on-going magical effects she can perceive and attempt to dispel/destroy them. Doing so is an opposed roll and is resisted by the source of the magical effect. For innate supernatural abilities, such as the powers of supernatural creatures, the weapon can temporarily suppress those abilities
  • Soul Siphon: When attacking a creature with the Death Scythe, the Reaper can convert some of the creature’s soul energy to heal her own wounds. Roll the Reaper’s Supernatural Power. The Reaper heals the result in Wound ( or Stun if not suffering from Wound, to a maximum of the Wound damage dealt to the target) and the Wound damage dealt to the target by this attack cannot be healed for the rest of the Scene unless the target has supernatural regeneration and a Supernatural Power rating higher than the Reaper’s.
  • Soul Drinker: A Reaper with a Soul Drinking scythe can temporarily store souls of those that she Reaps. Each Supernatural Power Rating of the creature she reaps adds +1 Step to her Soul Power for purposes of the Scythe’s powers (d0 is +1 Step, d2 is +2 Steps, d4 is +3 Steps, etc). Additionally, the Reaper can draw ambient power from the soul in her scythe. This allows her to access one supernatural power from the soul contained in the Scythe. For example, if a Reaper reaped a Werewolf and locked the soul away in her Scythe, she could call on its regenerative capabilities in her next fight. While she can only call on one ability at a time, all of the abilities remain available and activating an ability requires an action. Reapers rarely hold onto a soul for too long for fear of Death’s wrath at disrupting the natural order. When activating these powers, the Reaper uses her own traits and the Item’s Artifact rating in place of the Supernatural Skill roll.
  • Blade of Whispers: The scythe can stalk not just the material, but even whispers of death, granting the wielder the ability to attack incorporeal creatures as though they were corporal and exercising precise enough control for the wielder to even target creatures possessing human hosts.
  • Power of Death: If an attacker has a higher Supernatural Power rating than the wielder, but equal to or lower than the Item of Power rating, they do not gain the usual multiplier for the difference as long as the owner of the Broken Crane has it in hand.
  • Death Cannot be Denied: The Broken Crane adds its Asset Rating to the wielder’s Supernatural Prowess rolls.
Mystical Stuff
  • Soul Sculpt: The reaper can target aspects of the soul directly to “carve” pieces of the soul away. The difficulty to do so varies by the facet the Reaper wishes to preen, but some examples are: removing mortal sins, removing complications (which the target goes into XP debt for), removing memories, and other relevant things the wielder can tie to the soul.

The Broken Crane

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