Sword of Justice


Asset – Item of Power – d8

Eastern Orthodox tradition says that after Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the flaming sword was removed from the Garden of Eden, making it possible for humanity to re-enter Paradise. The sword was also used by Jophiel to banish Adam and Eve from the Garden.

  • damage = to Supernatural Power rating, as your soul scales in power so does that of the weapon
  • exceptional attacks (attacks that succeed by 7 or more) automatically slay the target (if = to or less than wielder’s supernatural power rating)
  • may activate the sword’s flame of justice as a reflexive action which allows the wielder to add their Supernatural Power to combat rolls while wielding the weapon, the sword bursts into holy flame when this power is active
  • when a mortal wields the blade in combat, the wielder is considered to have the Angel’s Supernatural Power rating as the soul of Justice is on their side
  • as the Sword of Justice was meant to guard Paradise so to can it ward a given space, the wielder of the sword draws lines with the blade to signify the area she is intent to protect (the larger the area, the longer it takes), once the final line is drawn to connect the area it becomes warded with holy intend and any beings the wielder deems unworthy of entry must make a contested roll to gain access
            – wielder rolls Willpower + Lore (Symbology) + Supernatural Power vs. Endurance roll
            – beings within the warded area ???????

Sword of Justice

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