Kalion's Angel Blade



  • Powerful Weapon: Kalion’s Angel Blade does a d8W
  • Instant Slayer: On an exceptional success, Kalion instantly slays any supernatural creature with a rating equal to or less than his Supernatural Power
  • Summoned Blade: Kalion’s Angel Blade can be summoned or dismissed reflexively on his turn

Working Powers

  • Magic Eater: Can be used to parry supernatural powers such as Telekinesis, can be used to attack on-going magical effects to dispel them, contested by the originator’s supernatural power roll (if caused by another creature) or a difficulty determined by the GM (if environmental)
  • Righteous Know No Fear: While wielding his angel blade, Kalion is completely immune to any supernatural or mundane sources of fear, as are any allies within line of sight
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Kalion's Angel Blade

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