First Hell Chain

Alternate Weapon of the First Hunter



Fused as a part of the First Blade and bathed in the countless souls his hands have claimed, Cain’s Hell Chain is an artifact of incredible power even in his weakened state.


Damage: d12W
Indestructible (d2): The Hell Chain is an artifact tempered with the greatest power known to anyone, that of compressed souls. Anyone who even glances at the Chain can hear the cries of slaughtered souls the weapon has claimed as distant whispers beckoning them to take up the weapon.


  • Brimstone Fallout (d6): By simply taking an action to secure the chain, Cain can remove it and leave a brimstone-smoldering duplicate of the chain in its place. The chains burn their targets at Cain’s discretion. For example, he could tie up a target then withdraw the weapon to leave a copy of it behind which would continue to hold the target in place as the chain previously did.
  • Burning Confession (d4): The Hell Chain not only sears the flesh, it also mars the soul. Cain can attempt to interrogate anyone grappled by the Chain adding the weapon’s Asset Rating to the attempt. If the target fails to resist with a WIllpower + Discipline / Mental Resistance roll, they must truthfully answer his question.
  • Fire Forged Power (d10): An an Artifact of immense power, the Hell Chain can ward off even the most powerful attacks. If an attacker has a higher Supernatural Power rating than the wielder but equal to or lower than the Item of Power rating, they do not gain the usual multiplier for the difference as long as the owner of the Hell Chain has it in hand.
  • Maring Wound (d10): If any creature attempts to use supernatural powers to mitigate or heal the damage done by the chain, roll the Chain’s Asset Rating and subtract it from the result. If the result is reduced to 0, the target cannot heal the damage and must let it repair itself naturally.
  • Power of Hell (d8): The Hell Chain adds its Asset Rating to Cain’s Supernatural Prowess rolls.
  • Smoldering Chains (d4): When grappled by the Hell Chain, Cain’s targets automatically suffer the chain’s Asset Rating in damage as the fires of hell burn into their flesh. Further, Cain can reflexively contest the use of Supernatural Powers by anyone grappled by the Hell Chain using his Willpower + Asset Rating + Supernatural Power.
  • Soul Absorption (d2): One of the ways to increase the power of the Hell Chain is to absorb souls into it. Doing so grants a pool of soul power (1 point per soul absorbed). The owner can spend up to half the weapon’s Asset Rating in points for the scene. Each point spent grants a d2 (+1 Step per point spent) which can be added to any mundane skill specialty the Hell Chain could feasibly assist with. If the owner wishes to augment a supernatural skill, the cost increases to two souls per step bonus.
  • Soul Forge (d2): Mostly used by powerful demons in hell, those bound in the chains for long enough eventually are corrupted into demons. The interval for this roll is once a day (for those without Discipline), once per month (for those with Discipline), or once per year (for those with Discipline and with Unbreakable Will).
  • Soul Slayer (d6): An exceptional attack with the weapon against a creature with a Supernatural Power less than or equal to the weapon’s trait rating slays them instantly.
  • Strike the Immaterial (d8): When grasping the Chain in hand, immaterial creatures around Cain glow with a faint red/orange hue. He can strike immaterial targets with the weapon, exercising precise enough control to even target creatures possessing human hosts.

First Hell Chain

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