Fallen Angel Blade

Item of Power d8



A part of Aira’s Grace, melted down by Cain and reforged in the fire’s of Hell. Irrevocably bound together with Chains made from souls of the tortured damned.


Damage d10W
Special Properties Since all Angel Blades are a part of the Angels’ Grace, the weapon serves as a powerful arcane link to the Angel it’s tied to. The Blade is always present on your character and can only be removed by being disarmed in combat


  • Indestructible: The weapon never dulls and cannot be broken by any creature with a Supernatural Power less than or equal to the owner’s
  • Soul Slayer: An exceptional attack with the weapon against a creature with a Supernatural Power less than or equal to the weapon’s trait rating slays them instantly.
  • Strike the Immaterial: When grasping the Chain in hand, immaterial creatures glow with a faint red/orange hue. Immaterial targets may be targeted with the weapon, exercising precise enough control to even target creatures possessing human hosts.
  • Brimstone Fallout: By simply taking an action to secure the chain, it can be removed and leaving a brimstone-smoldering duplicate of the chain in its place. The chains burn their targets at the user’s discretion. For example, he could tie up a target then withdraw the weapon to leave a copy of it behind which would continue to hold the target in place as the chain previously did.
  • Guardian The Blade adds it’s asset rating to Aira’s Protection activation.
  • Fire-Forged Power: An an Artifact of immense power, the Hell Chain can ward off even the most powerful attacks. If an attacker has a higher Supernatural Power rating than the wielder but equal to or lower than the Item of Power rating, they do not gain the usual multiplier for the difference as long as the owner of the Hell Chain has it in hand.

Awaiting GM approval

  • Justice Reach: Channel runes and magic through the chains to affect creatures (or objects) grappled by them, including those affected by Brimstone Fallout copies.
Trying to figure out your intent here, tell me which of the following:

* You want to be able to use magical abilities in conjunction with chain attacks like a spell storing weapon?
* You want to be able to use magical abilities on creatures wrapped up in chains?
* You want to be able to use a single magical effect and hit everyone that’s currently wrapped up in chains?

Wording is a little unclear to me. As a general rule, there’s no such thing as casting distance in Supernatural. If you can see it, you can affect it. There might be specific exceptions but generally the limiting factor is prep time, not really distance. Devil Traps are a notable exception though, but these are pretty rare.

Fallen Angel Blade

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