Angelic Wings


Angel Wings – Item of Power – d4


While most people believe (falsely) that Angel Wings are natural parts of an angel, the truth is much more complex. Angel Wings are, in a sense, biological artifacts that allow the Angel to channel the power of Heaven. With full access to the power of Heaven, an Angel becomes exponentially more powerful, particularly in their native domain. Angelic Wings are designed, without exception, to be worn by Angels and are utterly incompatible with any other type of supernatural creature.

The appearance of Angelic Wings also changes with the character’s Supernatural Power rating. Typically, the more powerful the Angel, the more “full” and intimidating their Wings look when displayed on Earth.


When revealed (drawn) by the wearer (which requires a single action), Angelic Wings grant the following benefits:

  • +1 Step Supernatural Power while in Heaven
  • With an Average Willpower + Discipline / Concentration as an Instant action, the character can appear anywhere on Earth or in Heaven
    • Angels can use their Wings to enter other dimensions (such as Hell), but doing so typically alerts the nearby Demon population to the intrusion of the Angel and the teleporation is imprecise
  • Angelic Wings can also be used to pull Human Souls out of dimensions other than Heaven
    • Pulling souls out of Hell, for instance, allows the Angel to send them to Heaven or resurrect them on Earth
    • The Angel has to make physical contact with the Soul
    • The roll to resurrect the Soul is Willpower + Discipline / Faith + Supernatural Power
      • The difficulty is determined by how long the soul has been in Hell
  • Angels can channel the power of Heaven to other effect
    • The roll varies based on what the Angel is trying to accomplish
    • A number of plot points must be spend to access the power of Heaven depending on the miracle in question

Angelic Wings

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