The duo first encountered Lucas hunting a Hunter that was responsible for killing his former pack. Much to the Hunter’s dismay, Lucas not only survived the massacre of his pack, but was also the pack leader and strongest of the pack by far. When he encountered the duo, Lucas had managed to slay ever hunter with the exception of one. He had managed to wound the hunter and was tracking him through the woods in Colorado, letting the hunter huddle in fear while he closed in on him.

Eventually the Angel/Reaper duo convinced him to let the Hunter live, but in a bizarre twist Lucas demanded that the Hunter become one of his pack to replace those he’d killed.

Lucas brings a sense of unity and cohesion to the group, his pack mentality such that setting aside differences to focus on the good of the whole should be their first priority. He’s concerned about the second coming of Lillith but believes the challenge should be met head on. With the exception of Cain, he’s the most capable combatant in the group and uses this advantage to enforce his zero-tolerance view of infighting among the group.



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