Character Sheet

Kalion’s Character Sheet.


Agility d8, Strength d10, Vitality d12
Alertness d12, Intelligence d8, Willpower d10


Animal Handling d6 / Animal Training d8
Artistry d6 / Painting d10
Athletics d6 / Dodge d10
Covert d6 / Stealth d8
Discipline d6 / Concentration d10 / Mental Resistance d10
Guns d6
Heavy Weapons d6
Influence d6 / Intimidation d8 / Persuasion d10
Knowledge d6
Lore d6 / Angels d12 / Demons d10 / Symbology d10
Medical Expertise d6
Melee Weapon Combat d6 / Angelic Blade d12
Perception d6 / Deduction d10 / Investigation d10 / Tactics d10
Survival d6
Unarmed Combat d6 / Angel CQC d10


Allure d4
Brawler d6
Cool Under Fire d6
Faith d6
Formidable Presence d6

Angelic Wings d4
Angel Blade d6


Dark Secret (Lucifer’s Following) d4
Duty (Defend the Righteous) d4
Honest to a Fault d4
Memorable d4

Supernatural Abiliteis

Supernatural Power d6
Angelic Power d6 / Healing d8 / Smiting d10 / Superhuman Prowess d12 / Telepathy d8 / Telekinesis d10


Kalion Backstory

Character Quirks

  • Kalion believes in the goodness of men and knows that mankind are prone to temptation and short-sightedness
    • He only associates himself with those that strive to be good, specifically those that are brave in the face of evil
    • Where he was uncompromising before, Kalion is now more open-minded to helping those that truly wish to repent despite past misdeeds
  • Kalion knows his arrangement with Michael is fragile, so he tries to be as subtle as possible and doesn’t let other Angels know what he does with his time on Earth
    • He doesn’t make what he is known if he can avoid it, and even then to as few people as necessary, even other Angels
  • Kalion’s perspective on man also affects his opinion of monsters
    • Most demons are needlessly evil which is black and white for Kalion, but he knows humans will make desperate choices in desperate circumstances and could one day be convinced to help one of the damned (especially if recently condemned)
    • Kalion knows most monsters to be wicked creatures, but he has sympathy for those attempting to be better people and could be convinced to help them if he believes their intentions to be genuine
  • Kalion spends most of his time on Earth, “on the books” he’s listed as on assignment for Michael directly
  • Has a hard time relating to other Angels since he doesn’t see the angelic host as black and white like the rest of them
  • Believes the Angelic Host belongs at mankind’s side helping guide them despite the command of God, a secret which he’s kept from everyone… nevertheless he can’t help but let that conviction guide most of his actions
    • He’s nervous that other angels might found out that he was thinking of leaving with Lucifer and will develop a stigma among the Angelic Host even though he knows his heart was in the right place
  • Kalion finds his targets mostly through prayers by listening for people that ask to be “delivered from evil” or feel like they’re “going crazy” because they’ve seen things they can’t explain
  • Unknown to Michael, Kalion has learned how to heal and sometimes visits soldiers that are pure of heart to ease their suffering (PTSD, war injuries, etc)
    • Kalion found himself on Death’s radar as a result of his interventions and Death knows he isn’t doing what he’s supposed to but has let it go for now (only sanctioned angels are allowed to perform healing miracles)

Friends in the Mortal World

  • Kara, the Reaper
    • Kara was captured by some Demons who were trying to manipulate her and her power for their own ends
    • Kalion happened upon them due to the prayers of a few hostages they were holding for a blood sacrifice
    • After besting the Angels in an almost lethal fight, he freed the Reaper and they’ve been friends since
    • Every now and then Kara will mention someone to help who isn’t necessarily religious but fits his criteria
    • In exchange, Kalion comes to her aid from time to time when other creatures start messing with the natural order of things
  • James Maroni, the Soldier
    • Kalion prefers to change vessels fairly regularly, and can since he isn’t a very powerful angel and doesn’t have the same restrictions that other more powerful Angels have
    • His most recent vessel is James, a soldier who lost the use of his legs from an IED explosion oversees
    • Kalion healed his injury in exchange for allowing him to cohabitate, since James has isolated himself from friends and family recently no one really notices when he goes missing for days at a time
    • Unlike most vessels, James actually believes in the cause Kalion fights for and Kalion regularly has an internal dialogue with him, unlike most other vessels he’s had in the past, while also allowing James to witness the work they do helps him feel fulfilled
  • Joshua Smithson, the Ghost
    • Joshua was a former vessel of Kalion, who tried to continue Kalion’s work after leaving him as a human Hunter
    • He died a violent death at the hands of a vampire nest and as a result, stayed behind as a ghost
    • Kalion came to his aid and wiped out the nest but couldn’t save his old vessel in time
    • Believing his work unfinished, Joshua stayed behind and continues to try to Hunt as a Ghost
    • He travels from place to place by arranging for his fetter, the knife he used to hunt with, to be passed along to others so he can be mobile
    • Kalion keeps a close eye on his spirit, and while he’s been able to maintain his sanity for now Kalion knows it won’t last
    • Kalion regrets what happened and feels partially responsible; as a result he feels torn on whether or not to help Joshua retain his sanity or let him pass on as he’s supposed to knowing he may have to purge the spirit of his own vessel himself


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