Constance Magnus

the banished Reaper


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Strength d6 Agility d12 Vitality d10
Alertness d12 Intelligence d12 Willpower d12

Initiative: (Agility + Alertness) d12 + d12 + d4
Life Points: (Vitality + Willpower) 22
Endurance: (Vitality + Willpower) d10 + d12
Resistance: (Vitality + Vitality) d10 + d10

Supernatural Power d4
        Reaper d6
               Teleportation d8
        First Hunter d6
               Superhuman Prowess d10
               Psychokinesis d10
        Fenrir d6


Athletics d6
Covert d6
        Disguise d10
        Stealth d10
Craft d4
Discipline d6
        Concentration d12 + d6 (+ talented d6)
        Resistance d8
Heavy Weapons
Influence d6
        Persuasion d10
Knowledge d4
Lore d6
        Death d10
        Symbology d10
        Witchcraft d10 (+ talented d6)
Melee Weapons d6
        Curved Blades d12 + d6
Perception d6
        Empathy d8
        Sight d8
Ranged Weapons
Survival d6
        Tracking d8
Unarmed Combat d6
        Brawl d12 + d6


Allure d6
Trait die added to any Influence actions involving someone who might find you appealing.

Brawler d4
unarmed damage is treated as Basic damage, rather than Stun damage, and your Trait die is added as additional damage to
any unarmed attack. You can also make called shots to vital areas to deliver Wound damage, rather than Basic damage (Called Shots, pg 86)

Cool Under Fire d6
Your Trait die is added to an attempt to resist being frightened, intimidated, or otherwise mentally unbalanced. This Trait even helps you keep your mouth shut if you’re being tortured, which may be small comfort.

Fighting Type d4
One non-combat action during turn.

Item of Power d10

Reputation d6
You’re popular with Hunters. Those suckers trust you, believe in you, and look out for you—depending on how you came by this rep. I don a human disguise and pose as one of them to offer them help. When you deal with Hunters, your Trait die is added to all Influence actions unless the folks you’re dealing with got some reason to doubt your reputation.

Split Second Timing d4
Your Trait die is added to all initiative rolls and any action that depends on reacting quickly to danger, like getting out of the way of a grenade. This Trait applies to other rolls at the Game Master’s discretion, but only if the roll’s a measure of speed, not just one that benefits from speed.

Talented d6
In my previous life I was a Witch, and a damn good one. Whenever you use (Discipline/Concentration, Lore/Witchcraft), add your Trait die. If your Skill die is reduced below d0 by step penalties, you can’t add the Trait die.

Unbreakable Will d6
You’re hard to break, and definitely not the type who freaks out. Maybe you’ve had years of mental training, or maybe you’re too stupid to know how deep you stepped in it. Your Trait die is added to rolls to resist unnatural ompulsions—torture, supernatural fear, mind control, demonic possession, and so forth. The Game Master may also roll secretly to see if your unshakable brain can see through illusions.

d6: If you got this Trait at the d6 level, you can spend a Plot Point to shake off any compulsion, no matter how powerful, for at least a short time. Roll your Trait, and return to your senses for that number of turns.


Branded d6
Penalty in social where applicable. You helped Hunters over your fellow Reapers…not cool…not cool at all. In retaliation Death broke my Scythe, forcing me to fight with just its blade thereafter, and forever banishing me. Anytime another Reaper sees my Scythe they know my disgrace.

Memorable d6
Trait die is added to the Difficulty of any action to avoid being identified; other folks get to roll your Trait die and add the result to any attempt to notice or remember you.

Overconfident d4
You’re full of yourself. It ain’t just a desire to show off—you actually believe you can handle almost anything. Whenever it seems appropriate, your Trait die is added to any Difficulty or opposing roll—this represents a possibly fatal hesitation at that moment when you realize you just bit off more than you can chew.

Rebellious d4
You got a problem with authority. You look for ways to avoid following orders without getting shot, or making those in charge look bad or incompetent. Sometimes this gets you yelled at, sometimes it gets you locked up, or even sentenced to death for mutiny. Being this kind of person has repercussions within your command structure, and your Trait die is added to the Difficulty of certain actions, particularly when interacting with your superiors.

Credo: Morality Above Law d4
Penalty to willpower to go against it, penalty to all tasks when not following it.


Constance Magnus

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