Writings of a Reaper - Game #3

Game #3

Gregory and I arrived at the location that Cain gave me, which ended up being a very large apartment on the top level of sky building, what they call a skyscraper. We were only there momentarily when Aira appeared. She’d been returned…or rather, after speaking with her, she escaped Heaven. Turns out the “proto angel” is of arch angel power and helped her escape. It also appears they confirmed the Nephalim’s existence and involvement in releasing Lilith. Very unfortunate, but hopefully the Nephalim didn’t participate willingly and isn’t at fault for what happened.

I filled Aira in on what happened while she was gone and we decided to set out for more people to bind with in hopes of increasing our power sooner rather than later. We narrowed it down to trying to find a suitable werewolf and vampire next. The werewolf, we came to find out was named Lucas, was in a little human town. After Aira tracked his sent we stalked him to the northern local woods of the area. He confronted us almost as soon as we were in range and told us to stay out of his way, he was tracking the person who was responsible for killing his pack…a Hunter. Knowing what I know about Hunters I knew there was more than one side to the story…I couldn’t let the Werewolf kill the Hunter, so Aira and I tracked the Hunter down. He was wounded in a cave and we teleported him back to Chicago where Aira treated his wounds and we discussed what happened with the were’s. We got his side of it and returned to Ohio? to talk with Lucas. The Hunter was infected and I began to suspect that it was a possibility that he was actually our soul target, but we wanted to be thourough so we went back to talk with Lucas. Which was a good thing, as turns out Lucas is a pure blood and his pack only killed to protect themselves. We negotiated with Lucas and agreed to let him have the Hunter as long as he didn’t kill him. Knowing that Lucas intends to bind the Hunter to himself I resolved myself to the outcome. Cain seems to believe that the hunter will forgive us once he’s accustom to his new powers, as I’m sure Lucas is going to let him turn, but time will only tell if the hunter will be a willing ally or Lucas’ slave.

Reapers don’t sleep, nor do Angels or Demons, and while the rest of our group seemed to need R&R, Aira, Cain and I decided to push on and pursue the eligible vampire that the Solomon’s had uncovered. The vampire was relatively easy to track, but there was carnage in it’s wake…did the Solomon’s make a mistake? We found the nest held up in an old abandoned house and Cain proposed a plan to draw the one awake vampire out, while Aira and I went through the back of the house and cleared out the rest.

Unfortunately we got spotted and the two nesting vampires attacked Aira and I. We were able to subdue them with telekenisis and the outside metal fencing, but were rather surprised when two demons smoked from the vampires…they were using them for vessels. That is not something I was aware that demon’s could do, and it will require more research, as Demons possessing other supernatural types is troubling indeed. Cain had the third vampire, and hopefully the one we were here for, out front. If not, the other two were very dead now so the third vampire would have to do regardless.

Once her demon parasite was removed, Melissa, seemed more than willing to join. Her nest had been a group of “vegan” vampires and had not, at least before the demons, tasted human blood. The four of us went back to Cain’s apartment and began preparations for the binding ritual to make the werewolf and vampire officially part of the group.



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